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What are the six symptoms of kidney disease?

2017-10-27 17:26

We have to protect the kidney, problems with the kidneys have implications for later life, especially male. Kidney disease is a relatively common disease, although not a very serious kidney disease, but cause a very serious impact on our physical and mental health. So in daily life, we should pay more attention to our own health problems, otherwise it is easy to lead to the occurrence of kidney disease. The following is introduction of the six symptoms of kidney disease by experts.

1. Weakness. Kidney function is not good, a lot of waste is difficult to excrete from the urine, there will be lack of energy, fatigue, weakness and so on feelings. Kidney disease, protein and other nutrients leak from the kidneys, excreted through the urine, there will also have symptoms of weakness. Some patients will think it is too tired, or other reasons, while ignoring the kidney problem.

2. Loss of appetite. Do not want to eat, anorexia, and even nausea, vomiting are also common symptoms of kidney disease. Some patients always go to the department of Gastroenterology or liver disease, to see if it is stomach or liver disease, if no stomach and liver disease, will ignore it, forget to see the kidney doctor, resulting in delay of the treatment of the disease.

3. Urine with foam. There are many reasons for the bubble in the urine, of which if the protein enter into the urine from the kidney, the urine will have a lot of foam.

4. Low back pain. The kidneys are located on both sides of the lumbar spine, so when the kidneys are sick, patients will feel low back pain.

5. Much or less urine. Healthy people urinate about 4-6 times every day, urine about 800-2000 ml, if the frequency of urination and urine output is too much or too little, we should pay attention.

6. Edema. Drinking too much, or sleep too long, too obese, eyelid, face, calf and other parts can have a slight edema, or a transient edema, otherwise, it is necessary to check whether the kidney has a problem.

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