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Can hydronephrosis patients do exercise?

2017-10-25 16:56

Hydronephrosis is a kind of kidney disease, it is caused by urinary tract obstruction of renal calices enlarged kidney with atrophy, pipeline any part of urinary tract obstruction or stenosis and normal function of neuromuscular disorders, can appear disorder caused by urine, urinary obstruction, obstruction to upper due to poor discharge pressure and urine increased lumen expansion, eventually lead to kidney seeper, so patients have some abnormal expansion situation should be timely treatment, so that patients with hydronephrosis can exercise?

Many patients are asking whether hydronephrosis can exercise, in fact appropriate activities on the condition is certainly good, optimistic in the body case can choose simple yoga, walking, Tai Chi exercise intensity light project, should avoid long running, walking and climbing, swimming and other sports.

Many hydronephrosis patients feel should rest in bed, in fact the idea is right, but not all twenty-four hours of bed rest, if patients received surgical treatment, the healing period is definitely not recommended to participate in sports in the operation, if feel due to lack of exercise caused paralysis, it can adopt the methods of physics to solve, such as limbs or massage with hot towel.

Sports hydronephrosis patient selection in the conditioning process also need to be careful, after all, will appear nephropathy related to other organs, for patients with more conditioning should pay more attention to the details of daily life in addition to vegetable substitution of garlic, leek, eggplant, squash, onions, other vegetables are basically you can eat.

Hydronephrosis patients in the conditioning process, the choice of sports is also a need to be careful, after all, the emergence of kidney disease will involve other organs, for the patient's conditioning should pay more attention to details.

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