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Why does hydronephrosis occur in children

2017-10-21 17:14

People at any stage will suffer from hydronephrosis. However, according to the data, he incidence of hydronephrosis in children of different ages is increasing. So, why does hydronephrosis occur in children?

1, ureteral obstruction

Ureteral obstruction is the most common cause of hydronephrosis, mainly occurred in several parts of the ureter stenosis, due to stone or tumor caused by obstruction, resulting in kidney in urine is not easy to flow to the bladder, stagnation in kidney. It is usually possible to improve the condition of hydronephrosis by removing a section of the ureter and re connecting it to keep the ureter open.

2, urine reflux

Normally, the removal order of urine is from the kidney to the ureter, and finally to the bladder. When urine reflux occurs, it is an abnormal phenomenon that urine flows back from the bladder to the ureter and even back to the kidneys. At this point, the kidneys also have urine that is ready to flow into the bladder, and urine from the bladder, which causes too much water in the kidneys, which can cause hydronephrosis and hydronephrosis.

For children with hydronephrosis, because the development of the urethra in children is not mature, so many problems can lead to hydronephrosis. Parents are expected to pay more attention to the health of their children in their daily lives. If children are found suffering from hydronephrosis, they should go to the hospital for examination or treatment immediately.

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