Tong Shantang hospital experts tell you what hypertensive ne

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Tong Shantang hospital experts tell you what hypertensive ne

2017-08-20 11:50

Tangshan Hospital experts tell you what symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy? Hypertensive nephropathy has been one of many people afraid of the disease. Hypertensive patients understand the hypertensive nephropathy symptoms, so that early symptoms found in time to avoid deterioration. Tongshan Hospital experts explain the hypertensive nephropathy symptoms.

hypertensive nephropathy symptoms,tong shan hospital

1. severe edema, general hypertensive nephropathy patients will have edema, the body will have significant edema, finger pressure will be stuck. Severe patients will also appear ascites, pleural effusion, when the pleural effusion, ascites, more likely to cause breathing difficulties. Patients with a high degree of edema will appear oliguria, hypertension and other symptoms.

2. headache, apply to patients with hypertensive nephropathy, headache. Dizziness is the most common symptom and usually appears in the morning. Sometimes dizziness is temporary, sometimes persistent. If blood pressure drops, this situation will be reduced.

3. Urine abnormalities, the general incidence of hypertension in patients with early onset of nocturia increased, and then there will be proteinuria and hematuria. If you do not get effective treatment, will lead to the development of uremia. If hypertensive nephropathy patients continue to rise in blood pressure, eyelids and lower limbs will be edema.

4. gastrointestinal symptoms, some patients will be nausea, vomiting symptoms, mainly due to high blood pressure caused.

The above is the tong shan hospital experts for us to introduce hypertensive nephropathy symptoms related content, for reference only. If a variety of symptoms of hypertension patients, please go to the hospital to avoid increased, affecting the treatment effect. If hypertensive nephropathy symptoms are appear, you can message in the following, we will discuss together.

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