Tongshantang hospital:How to treat nephrotic syndrome?

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Tongshantang hospital:How to treat nephrotic syndrome?

2017-08-05 08:56

Nephrotic syndrome is not terrible, after suffering from nephrotic syndrome the most important thing is to choose the best treatment for nephrotic syndrome, before choosing the best, we should have an understanding of all the treatments for nephrotic syndrome, and then choose according to their own specific circumstances,let experts tell us about the treatment of nephrotic syndrome.
About nephrotic syndrome treatment, experts remind the broad masses of patients following three points, and I hope to help you.
1, in life, if we long-term glucocorticoid treatment, the basic control in nephrotic syndrome symptoms, such as reduced too fast or all of a sudden stop, the original symptoms may appear or worsen rapidly, known as the "rebound phenomenon". It is also a brief introduction to the treatment of nephrotic syndrome.
2, we all know that glucocorticoids can promote the decomposition of protein in patients with nephrotic syndrome, can delay the formation of granulation tissue, prevent trauma or surgical wound and ulcer healing. Treatment of nephrotic syndrome with glucocorticoid against growth hormone action, growth and protein synthesis in children's long-term use can inhibit bone, affect the growth and development, pregnant women can also cause fetal malformation.
3, in addition to the above two kinds of methods of treatment of nephrotic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, if long-term glucocorticoid can cause adrenal cortical atrophy or dysfunction, induce and aggravate ulcers and even cause neuropsychiatric symptoms, for the rehabilitation of patients with nephrotic syndrome caused great obstacles.
In the course of the treatment, especially important is to closely cooperate with the doctor's treatment, obey the doctor's arrangements, strictly according to the doctor's medication, and timely return visit, timely review, in order to avoid disease recurrence, cause greater losses. If you have any further questions, please contact our online doctor or leave a message for us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Tongshantang hospital:How to treat nephrotic syndrome?
Tongshantang hospital:How to treat nephrotic syndrome?

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