Tongshantang: How to nurse medium phase kidney disease?

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Tongshantang: How to nurse medium phase kidney disease?

2017-08-05 08:51

Nephrotic syndrome is a disease of great harm, so when people suffering from this disease must get timely treatment; otherwise it will worsen disease, and bring patients more harm; as the saying goes, seven by medicine, three by nursing, which show that the nursing is very important; so how to do the nursing of nephrotic syndrome in the mid

Care for medium phase nephrotic syndrome:

First, pay attention to complying with the doctor's advice: comply with treatment, do not privately take medication. In the treatment and rehabilitation of nephrotic syndrome, the patient should pay attention to the correct method and decrement of medication, to the time of medication; and regularly review the urine and blood routine indicators, so as to adjust the amount of hormone at any time. 

Second, pay attention to the control of emotion: the study found that a person's emotional changes have great influence on the development of the disease, and changing moods frequently easily cause low-spirited, reduce the human immune system, leading to further aggravation of the condition. Nephrotic syndrome patients generally need long-term treatment; in the course of treatment, patients should adjust their emotions, be positive and optimistic, and establish confidence in the fight against disease.

Third, prevention of infection: infection is also an aggravating factor for kidney disease; good prevention and treatment of infection are very conducive to the treatment of kidney. The occurrence of infection can cause the change of the patient's condition and increase the difficulty of treatment. The disease patients usually get edema, protein malnutrition, immune dysfunction; and frequent hormone utility further reduce the immune function, which makes the patients prone to various infections; so the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases are also very important.

The nursing methods for medium-term nephrotic syndrome were introduced here; experts suggested that when getting nephrotic syndrome, must get treatment and correct nursing as soon as possible; so as to help the body as soon as possible get rid of trouble; what should be noticed is that the patients can not seek doctors randomly; active treatment is the most important.

Tongshantang: How to nurse medium phase kidney disease?
Tongshantang: How to nurse medium phase kidney disease?

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